DIY Monochrome Wrapping Paper

I decided to do something a little different for my school books this year – making my wrapping paper so I can have prints I love. Since its the festive season too, and wrapping paper is expensive, here are a few fun ways with brown paper that are cost-effective and classy.



You will need:

  • Eraser
  • Craft knife
  • Paint (I chose black acrylic)
  • Paint brush
  • Brown paper
  • Leaf
  • Newspaper
  • Tape


Lay down some newspaper before you start – brown paper is quite thin and the prints you make may bleed through onto the surface under your paper.


Tape your sheet of brown paper down. Mix the paint with a little bit of water and load your brush. Flick the brush and the paint should leave splatter prints on the paper. Leave to dry.




Carve a shape out of an eraser. A potato works fine too. Paint one side and press it onto the paper to make a print. Leave to dry.





Choose a leaf that has a definitive vein pattern. Paint the back of it, and gently press it onto the sheet of paper. Repeat it in a pattern you like. Leave to dry.




Its really quick and simple. I love the monochrome, but if colour is your vibe, use different paints.

Hope you’ll try it out!

Nabeela x

Huge thanks to Imán Cassiem from Aesthete’s Perception for shooting for me! Check out her newly launched blog and Instagram account. 


On Creating Weekly


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have been doing a weekly project where I have been creating one watercolour piece a week for 2017. It’s week 40 this week, and so I thought I’d share a bit about my project with you.

After completing my 366 days of quotes project last year, I knew I wanted to do something this year, but just not as intensive as a daily project. I thought about skills I wanted to hone, and decided that a watercolour project would be perfect. Watercolours are easy to use, they don’t smell bad, clean up is quick and painless and the paper and paint is relatively cheap (well, as cheap as art supplies get. Emphasis on the relative part). And so I set out to paint 52 paintings by the end of the year.

There are many perks of doing a weekly project. It’s a wonderful way to force yourself to carve time out each week to create, and my weekly paint and paper sessions are highly therapeutic and rewarding. It can suck slightly when you feel as if you run out of ideas and feel as if you don’t have much time. The best advice I can give you is to push on, and not be too hard on yourself. After all, it is supposed to be enjoyable and not feel like some kind of creative torture.

So if you feel as if you could use some practice in a new skill, or you just want to create some intentional time to create, try a weekly or daily project. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll improve and how innovative it’ll make you!

Here are some of my favourite pieces from my project so far.

You can see all of my paintings on Instagram, under the tag #52weeksofwatercolour.




Nabeela x

DIY Fabric Printing Idea


Today’s post is a quick and easy idea. Lately, I’ve been quite into sewing and stitching, especially embroidery, as you’ll know if you follow me over on Instagram. I have been wanting to stitch other things too, like pouches, but I’ve held back because I haven’t found any fabrics around the house that I like enough to go through the effort of making something out of it.

I remembered pre-school days, when we used to use potatoes to make patterns and prints on paper. I thought I might use the idea to print onto a blank piece of fabric I had lying around. I tried it, using a potato and gouache (although I imagine fabric or acrylic paint would probably work better, but I didn’t have any) to print onto the fabric. You can literally carve ANY pattern into the potato, so its really versatile. I cut a triangle out of the potato and used gouache to make a triangle pattern on my piece of fabric, making the triangles tessellate. I also kept adding white to my paint, to get an ombre effect. It’s a very quick and easy DIY that requires minimal supplies, too! Give it a try.

FullSizeRender (18)

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx

Watercolour 101


I have a very exciting post for you today. I’ve been planning it for a while, but I’ve just been so caught up with exams and schoolwork. Exams are over now though, and I’m going on holiday next week so expect to see lots over here!

I have been brushscripting for the last year or so and I’ve learnt so much about the techniques and letters. I thought I’d write a bit about the most important things you need to do and master when you’re starting off.


Find your brush

 When I first started, I’d experiment with all my brushes and then find one that really worked well, but I could never remember which one afterwards! I found that the round brushes were the easiest to script with because they hold the watery paint in their tip. If you are using a normal brush (not a waterbrush) make sure it is very wet, so that random hairs don’t stick out. I use the Pentel Aquabrush in the medium size. I found that size 5 round-tipped brushes also work well for scripting.


Up thin, down thick

I so wish I knew this when I first started! Once I mastered the up-down technique, it became a whole load easier. Apply little pressure on up strokes and more pressure on down strokes.

Find an Alphabet

Its important that you have a ‘game-plan’ for each letter. It just makes everything flow better if you start out by scripting letters individually. Although its important to celebrate your own personal handwriting and use it as a base for your scripting, look at other work and see if there are any letters you would like to ‘adopt’. I’ve ‘adopted’ many letters. Its just fun to see how you can change things up!


Practise and practise and practise

 You’ve heard it. Practise makes perfect. (Well, if not perfect, then progress). It’s the only way you can get better. Once you start practising, it gets easier and easier and your scripting will flow better too. There are loads of practise challenges where you script one word every day. They are all over Instagram! Here are some words to try out:

  • Orange
  • Coffee
  • Office
  • Sugar
  • Love (great to start with)
  • Hello (great to start with)
  • Beauty
  • Strong



My main inspiration comes from Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve learnt a lot, especially on Instagram just by watching short little videos of people scripting. It’s an extremely helpful resource!

Some great Instagram accounts to check out are:








If you’d like, you can follow my lettering journey over on my Instagram!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx

Art Journal Peeks / 01.


It’s been a while since I’ve written here. I’ve been so busy, juggling tests, school functions and now, exams! I can barely contain my excitement for Kamers Vol Geskenke. It’s happening at the moment in Cape Town, at the Castle of Good Hope and I’m visiting it over this weekend. It’s a massive show with only handmade and crafted things. Sounds amazing, right? Anyways, I wanted to keep posting my journaling though. I’ve taken some shots of a few of the latest pages in my journal. I hope you enjoy flipping through the pictures.

Journal Peeks header

Uh, yes, my cactus obsession is real. 
I was using a few watercolour prompts as journaling prompts. 
Playing around with different fonts, pens and brushes on the left. 



This is probably my favourite page in my current journal. The quote on the left I found in Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I L.O.V.E it! The page on the right was inspired by a rainy day, as you’ve probably sussed out. 
I love the right page. I did it by using the straw technique. Just make your watercolours quite wet and drop it on. Then, whilst its still wet, blow it with a straw and watch the colours take over your page! 
Botanical prints and patterns are something I’ve been on the look out for and I’ve been experimenting a lot. 
I made this paper by using the straw technique too. 
As you can see, my journal is getting really full!

Have a fabulous weekend! Good luck to everyone writing exams at the moment! Keep warm, Southern Hemisphere peeps.

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx

How I’ve Been Crafting Lately


A little while ago, I wrote a post about my midori journal and it was quite popular, so I decided to go into a bit more depth as to how I journal. Lately, my favourite method of crafting has been, well, journaling. I’ve been experimenting with different forms of art journaling, collaging and midori-style journaling.



This is the Midori I’ve been using. It’s A5 size and was custom-made for me. I love it!


This is the notebook I’ve been using. I kinda love the cover.



I’ve also been playing around and trying to make my own inserts for my midori. This one turned out pretty cute I think.

I keep a box of scraps of card and paper to use for layering up my journal. I use normal notebooks from the grocery store so the paper isn’t very thick, that’s why I prefer to layer. 

Here’s some step-by-step shots of how a spread come about in my journal.

I started off by layering with the paper I wanted.
Next, I added washi tape and some stamping for my heading.
Then I added some more stamping, as bullet-points and a decorative border at the bottom. I love that hexagonal stamp! Its an acrylic stamp from the Docrafts Papermania Geometric Mono range. LOVE.
Lastly I added some writing… 
This is how it turned out. I really like doing these kinds of things. They make me think and reflect a bit, you know? But believe me, some of my journaling pages are VERY impulsive.
I’ve also been painting, L.O.T.S. Watercolours are my absolute favourite medium at the moment. So easy to use, fast-drying, no smell and quick clean-up. Its a joy!
Lastly, I thought I’d share a shot of my desk. I don’t usually share pictures of my workspace because I do most of the shoots for these posts in our patio room because of the divine natural light. But I thought it was about time.

Some great journaling accounts to follow on Instagram:

I could go on, but those are the ones that came to mind.

Lastly, I visited Decorex Cape Town last week and it was amazing. I came back feeling inspired and so in love with home decor. Don’t forget to spoil your mums for Mothers Day on Sunday! And if you are a mum, I’m sure you’ll get spoilt x.

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx


Keep ‘Em Creative Juices Flowing



Sometimes I feel like my creative brain has a big, fat piece of polymer clay stuck in it and I just can’t seem to think of ANYTHING to craft, paint, make, bake, sew, etc. (You get the idea, right?) Can anyone else relate? Today I’m sharing the methods I follow to crawl out of a creative mental block or to avoid them all together.

  • Keep creative – well this one sounds pretty obvious, but even during the yuckiest, most stressful times, I try to do at least one ‘right-brained’ activity a day to ensure that my poor creative right brain doesn’t fry from all the studying and exams. This year, I’ve been doing my #366project which has been a blessing in disguise, because even although some days I’ve been totally stressed out about the quotes, it means I’ve been forced to practise my brush- lettering every day and do something creative.


  • Get inspired – Even if it just means going on Pinterest once a day or subscribing to your favourite magazine, have a place that you can tap into for ideas and creativity. HOWEVER, be careful of looking into the same places too often! I’ve read it in creative guide books, too! If you follow similar accounts, read similar books and blogs, eventually, your own creativity stops flowing because you just keep looking in the same place! I try to go through the people I follow on Instagram maybe once every two months and unfollow all the same-same accounts and follow people I wouldn’t ordinarily follow. These small things can make a BIG change.


  • Keep a journal – how often do we get flashes of creativity in odd places like the shower or just before we sleep? And… then forget them before we can use them… Write it down! Even if you just jot it down messily, at least its there for you to use and refer back to. You could even just use the note app on your phone.


  • Try New Things – Just because you’re a crafter doesn’t mean you can’t bake or be a musician! Try new things, get involved and explore options and new experiences and opportunities. You never know what’s coming your way and what might just inspire you!


  • Exposure – this last point is very important to me – in fact I decided to make it my new year’s resolution at the beginning of the year! Exposing your self to different forms of creativity such as music and theatre can only have positive effects and set your creative juices going!

I hope you found this helpful! Some very helpful and inspiring things to read are:  Amy Tangerine’s Creative Handbook. It’s so great and offers practical, insightful suggestions.  I also recommend the SARK books, and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Have a fab week!

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx