I live in the beautiful, sunny city of Cape Town in South Africa. To me, it’s the loveliest city in the world, but hey, I might be a spot biased. I’m currently in high school and I hope to pursue a career in design one day.

I am passionate about making stuff with my hands – its a part of who I am. Β This blog started with that love of creating, artisan products, little morning markets, making, eating, traveling and a deep appreciation for the little details that make life a little more beautiful. I felt the desire to share that with you, and alas, Miss Artsy-Crafty was born.

I love reading, running or a good circuit workout, relaxing beach days, book shops and art stores, all kinds of plants, dreamy design magazines, simple mornings spent at home with a face mask on and a good book, art (in its many forms), watercolours and smoothies. I’m a minimalist and a seeker of the simple life. I value wellness and self-care tremendously…

I’m inspired by so many things in life, from the ocean, mountains and forests, to ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

I hope you’ll stay a while, you’re bound to find something you love.

Nabeela x

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Any thoughts?

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