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Cute candles are popping up all over Instagram but these candles are something a little different, in the sense that you might want to take a bite. Apothacafé, a newly launched brand, has created a line of beautiful, dessert-themed candles that are so realistic they look good enough to eat. I chatted to the founder about the brand and where she finds inspiration.

The brand came to life in an organic way. “I was searching Instagram a few months ago for a candle brand I saw a few months prior but couldn’t remember the name. I wanted a specific candle because I like to collect different scented candles for my workspace and ended up not finding the page I was looking for. So I hopped onto YouTube, found a channel that offered a course on how to make candles and the rest is history.”

After opening up for business in April 2022, the brand is still finding its feet. However, there are plans to expand the range in the future. The founder takes inspiration from pastry chefs when coming up with new candle designs. “The things I’m able to create with wax is quite limited depending on the types of molds I have access to so seeing what can be created just from a slice of cake or dessert in a jar is quite inspiring. Also, I think hunger plays a big role in my candle-making process. It was during the fast when I started selling my candles and I think that appealed to many people as we were all craving different types of food but couldn’t eat. I was almost “opened up” to different types of desserts and dishes and wanted to recreate them in a creative way.”

The brand is described as “fresh, whimsical and imaginative” and I have to agree.

Keep your eyes peeled for exciting things to come from this lovely brand.

Find them here on Instagram.

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