On all or nothing

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a world that is increasingly “all-or-nothing”. Youtube is full of videos that go something along the lines of “how to change your entire life in two weeks”. It can feel as if there is no room for slow growth, little changes and just figuring things out.

As someone who used to be a pretty all-or-nothing kind of person, I can look back and recognise just how restricting this kind of mindset can be. It makes you feel as if there is no value in trying something new if you’re not ready to fully commit to doing it forever and ever. It kind of sucks the fun out of things and makes it hard to be present and enjoy the thrill of trying something new.

But if the past little while has taught me anything, it’s that there is no reason to put so much pressure on myself. It’s okay to try something for a few weeks and realise it’s not really something you want to do. You can change your life slowly, at your own pace and in a way that feels good to you. You don’t have to revamp your entire morning routine in a week. You don’t have to become a marathon runner in a month. There’s so much joy in doing things slowly, without placing unnecessary pressure on yourself. There are so many things in life that require us to move fast, get on with it, and make decisions quickly. So we might as well savour the things that we can choose to explore slowly and figure things out as we go. I guess if you needed a reminder that it’s okay to go at your own pace, this is it. Its okay to be more gentle with yourself.

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