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I love a cute bag so I was very excited when I came across Sakkie Co. on Instagram. Sheefah is really making all our Pinterest dreams come true – but in a handmade, affordable way.

After purchasing my own bag from her, I was pleasantly surprised at how well made the bags are and how sturdy the fabric feels . I use mine all the time and it’s the perfect size to carry my essential stuff around campus. Plus they’re all just so cute. Here’s what Sheefah had to say about her brand.

What inspired you to start Sakkie Co?
It was very unexpected! I was unemployed and looking to find work. All the jobs I had applied for rejected me. So one day, I saw this bag and just fell in love with it, I couldn’t buy it because I was obviously broke at the time. So what I did was, I asked my if she could help me out with some money, I think it was a R200. I got some material, found a YouTube video and I made the bag!
Thereafter, I just kept on sewing! I started off making totes.
Who do you have in mind when creating your product?
Everyone. I’d like to think that Sakkie is a unisex brand. Whoever you are, whether you’re a person on the go all the time, or you love to dress up, there’s a Sakkie for you! haha that sounded like a commercial.
But yes, as I said, everyone.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
I try to be as authentic as possible with whatever I put out there, Pinterest usually gives me some great ideas. Also, from a brand called Ne Sense. Artists like ASAP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator!
What’s been the coolest thing watching your brand grow?
The way people have supported me! It’s such a rewarding feeling seeing people buy Sakkie Co bags.
Seeing the way they style it, seeing them model in the bags, it’s been a year and that feeling hasn’t changed. For me, this experience has shown me that your ideas will resonate with someone. So you should never doubt your abilities and skills. People will see it and people will support you, no matter what.
What is your dream collaboration?
To work with Jacquemus. Wow, imagine that.
But maybe in the near future, with local designer, Salik Harris. He runs a brand called Leaf Apparel.
Describe Sakkie Co in 3 words
Unique, durable, quality
You can find more of Sakkie Co here.
Images c/o Sakkie Co.
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