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The skincare market is pretty saturated, so it takes a pretty special brand to really stand out. And Beaut is one of them.

What instantly jumped out to me when I came across Beaut on Instagram was the fact that it is easy to understand exactly what each product does and who it’s intended for. It all seems pretty no-nonsense and I love that approach.

In today’s world, it can be easy to fall into a trap of a skincare routine with 100 steps, just because. Beaut has simplified some pretty important skincare steps and needs through their beautiful, easy-to-use products.

Also, the branding is so striking and everything from their website and Instagram down to their packaging is an absolute visual feast.

These products really seem to work. I’ve been using the Sunny Skin serum and am amazed at the results. I’m looking forward to trying out the others in the range that align with my needs.

I sent a few questions over to Robyn Fenner, the founder of Beaut. Here’s what she had to say.

What sets Beaut products apart from other products on the market?

We were exceptionally picky when it came to the selection of every single ingredient. For me it was always about efficacy, I wanted to create products that worked! We did a lot of research into which ingredients would play well together and would render the best results, ingredients which were the most stable (and not lose their effectiveness from exposure to light and oxygen) and ingredients that are kind- both to the planet and to your skin. Many products on the market can irritate the skin if not used properly. We wanted a line-up that would work well on the most sensitive of skin types and ones that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Your branding is lovelyyy. Was having a strong CI important to you when you started thinking about creating the brand? 

YES! I come from an interior design background, so just can’t help it! For me branding is so important. Beaut is all about self-care and the bottles sit on your bathroom shelf; you look at them and spend time with them twice a day, they should be beautiful, right?

Who did you have in mind when creating this product?

I am so passionate about skincare and products that render good results. I realise that not everyone is a skincare fanatic who researches ingredients, so wanted to make serums approachable to anyone who has a skin concern (we’ve done the hard graft for you)! In short, a set of products that are easy to understand, use and particularly easy to love!

If you’d like to get your hands on some Beaut, you can find more of them here and here!

Images by Alix-Rose and Beaut


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