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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love finding South African brands that create beautiful, high-quality products whilst maintaining ethical and environmentally friendly production processes and business practice. Titch has been on my radar for ages now. So many of their beautiful leather bags are on my “one day when I’m big” list. 

This brand was created for a “no-frills” kind of person. Aimee, the founder of Titch, says she designs things for herself and aims to create pieces that allow the wearer to derive maximum benefit from minimal effort.”  Personally, I think this is such a wonderful approach and it’s one I apply when choosing my own clothes too.

The brand offers a variety of leather products and has recently launched a clothing line too. Aimee added the clothing line to the brand after receiving compliments on the clothing she’d made herself, and requests from family and friends. 

I’m always interested to learn more about what the production process looks like for an ethical brand. To me, having as much oversight of the entire production process as I can is important in being able to maintain ethical practices. All stages of the manufacturing process – from cutting, sewing through to finishing – are done in-house and we ensure that our staff are fairly paid and work in good conditions”, says Aimee. At the moment, all the production for the brand is done out of her mom’s garage-turned-workshop. “I don’t have plans to grow beyond the point where I can personally oversee all of the production for this reason.”

In terms of environmental impact, Titch’s pieces are made of natural materials, with a focus on leather, hemp, Tencel and linen. 

When asked what inspires her work, Aimee says she’s often inspired by the materials she finds, and uses them as inspiration to work the design around. “I tend to change the design or construction to suit the material rather than the other way round. My own personal style, passions and needs, have definitely evolved over the years along with my lifestyle and my priorities, and this has definitely influenced my work too.”


Titch described in three words? “Simple, effortless, timeless.”

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Titch. Watching local brands flourish is always such a pleasure!


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