On Personal Growth

This year, due to my being home most of the day, I’ve had some extra time to myself. (I don’t think I’ve realised how much time we spend in our daily lives commuting, until this year!)

I’ve done a lot of thinking, reflecting and reading. I’ve had a lot of time to really dig deep into what some of my unhealthy habits are and how they hold me back. I’ve also had time to truly evaluate my thought patterns. This hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes, thinking about everything on a deep level all the time gets exhausting and I’ve often missed the everyday distraction from my thoughts that my normal life usually provides. However, I’ve also been able to really internalise some things I’ve been trying to teach myself for a while. I truly think that 2020 me is unlike any version of myself that’s ever existed and it’s quite an interesting feat to behold.

I’ve read some interesting books and articles and also watched some insightful YouTube videos this year.

A book I really enjoyed was Atomic Habits by James Clear. I definitely think that when my exams are over, I’ll be turning to that book again to evaluate my habits and do a little check-in.

Some YouTube channels that have provided me with valuable insight into growth and mindfulness are Rowena Tsai, Lavendaire  and Matt D’Avella.

I think constantly evaluating where I’m at in an honest, open manner has kept me on track. Journaling has continued to be an incredibly useful tool for me to organise my mind. Putting my thoughts to paper has helped me in so many ways.

Here’s hoping 2021 looks a bit more like “normal” life (whatever that means now).

Nabeela x



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