Month: April 2020


It’s been 29 days since I packed up my room at university and came home. I went from extreme busyness to a dead halt. The world has shut down. I wear a variation of the same outfit every day now. Sweatpants and a teeshirt. I walk around with bare feet because I feel most comfy like that. Sometimes, the house is cool and the tiles make my feet cold. Maybe I should put on socks. It’s been 26 days since I wore an actual pair of shoes. I wear my comfiest, faded cotton pyjamas. I shower twice a day sometimes, because it gives me something to do. The water is so hot that I can see the steam rise off my skin. I like the smell of the green Dettol soap bar in the shower. It reminds me of my gran’s house.

Every night, my family watches the 8pm news. I try not to because I usually feel one of two ways. Either it makes me deeply sad and leaves me feeling defeated. Or I feel absolutely nothing. Which then leads to me feeling guilty, because the world is in a state of chaotic disaster.

I watch lots and lots of movies, and then sometimes I write about them in a notebook. I call them films because it sounds cooler. I love watching period pieces the most. They feel so pure, and the details fascinate me.

Every morning I make iced coffee and then spend too much time on the Worldometers site, looking at the latest virus statistics. I toggle between all the graphs and think about what my high school maths teacher would say about the gradient of the curves when we learnt calculus. I think about high school sometimes. Does that mean I miss it? I don’t know.

I spend ages on Pinterest sorting pretty photos into neat categories. Some days I sort out my boards to make sure all the pins are in the right place. Sometimes I get bored of Pinterest. I get bored of things quickly nowadays.

I tell myself I need structure, and then every time I try to create some sort of routine to follow, every fibre of my being resists it. I end up sleeping in for 2 hours and only getting started on my to-do list at 3pm. I wanted to try do some yoga during lockdown too. It’s been 21 days. I haven’t started.

I try not to get too upset about people’s opinions about lockdown and the whole coronavirus situation online. It’s hard. Especially when people are adamant about making statements that come from a place of privilege, and feel very unfair.

Some days I try to re-organise my desk in hopes that it will give me the kick I need to study in a focused manner. It doesn’t work. Nothing does really. I’m trying to fix my concentration and sleep schedule before the term starts online next week. It’s not going well. I have 4 days to sort it out.

It’s been 29 days since I packed up my room at university and came home. I wonder when the world will be normal again. I wonder if the world will be normal again.


Good Stuff 06. / Earth Blooms

I came across Earth Blooms on Instagram and was instantly in awe. Jess May, the creator behind the brand, is based on the island of Okinawa in Japan and she has a deep appreciation for nature. Her work pays homage to this. She creates exquisite, delicate jewellery pieces that make nature’s perfect beauty wearable. Here’s what she had to say…

What made you decide to start your business?

I’ve always loved the idea of having my own business! I kept seeing women run their own little shops successfully and that really encouraged me.

I wanted to create something that was aligned with my love for nature and things that hold deep meaning. When I discovered the art of preserving nature in pendants, I knew right away that’s what I wanted to do and was eager to start my business Earth Blooms. 

What inspires you to keep creating?

Nature. The abundance of it and the wisdom it holds. I’m super inspired by the natural world. Both learning from it and spreading its love.

How would you describe your brand/products in 3 words?

Meaningful, Earthy, and Feminine. 

What is a struggle you’ve had to overcome with your business?

Oh gosh, there were many struggles in the beginning. So much trial and error, finding what materials work and which don’t, learning the art of resin (measurements, temperatures, ridding bubbles), finding what leaves and flowers work best and which don’t for this art. There is an incredibly delicate and detailed work flow and process to create these pendants, but I’ve loved each lesson learned and seeing how far my business has come!

You can find Earth Blooms on Instagram here and Etsy here.

Nabeela x

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