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One of my favourite artists that I’ve recently discovered is Alice Trow from Victoria, Australia. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art, and paints the most exquisite scenes of mountains, waterfalls and my personal favourites, her lovely moon paintings. Alice says she paints in a way that encourages the viewer to lean in and have a closer look – a welcome moment to slow down for just a second.  When I stumbled upon her beautiful Instagram account, it was love at first sight, and spent a good while scrolling right to the bottom of her feed, absolutely in awe of her beautiful work.

What inspires your art and style? 

To put it simply, my art is inspired by my love for the natural world. I’m mostly interested in portraying dreamy landscapes where time seems to stand still and nature remains vastly untouched by human interference (Iceland is a huge source of inspiration to me for this reason), although I also paint other magical things which capture my imagination like moons and night skies.

I’m not sure exactly what inspires my style but if I had to describe it I’d say I’m drawn to representing things realistically whilst still trying to retain some of the painterly qualities of the medium – I want my subject matter to be easily recognisable and understood, but I don’t want to disguise the fact that it’s a painting, either. As for the shape of my work, I painted my first circular landscape (a small mountain scene, if I remember correctly) over four years ago and I’m still in love with the quality that a circular support lends to a scene! I love the connection they have to windows/portals, as the things which I paint are most often places I’d love to be able to gaze at through my window, or to teleport straight into!

Favourite medium? 

I’ve used quite a few different mediums over the years (I first started out by drawing with lead pencils) but I’d say my favourite medium has to be either acrylic or oil paint – perhaps leaning more towards acrylic owing to its affordability!

Favourite commission/piece to date? 

This is a bit of a tricky one for me because I find it hard to choose favourites (I don’t know from experience but I’d say it’s akin to choosing a favourite child.) There is a recent commission which does come to mind, though. A few months ago, I was approached by someone wanting to commemorate a very special sunset she had experienced in Iceland with her partner on their fifth anniversary. It was to be a surprise gift for her partner. For the commission, I was asked to combine two separate images – one of Gulfoss (the waterfall), and another of an amazing sunset cloud (which she described as a ‘dragon’ cloud) into one painting. It took a few small studies first to get the two different images to ‘fit’, and I experienced a few challenges along the way, but I think the final piece really came together – the client gave me some absolutely wonderful feedback, too, which always reminds me why I love to create paintings for people.

I was also recently commissioned to paint someone’s birth moon, which I think is such a wonderful and unique concept!

What would be a dream commission or collaboration? 

Honestly, any commission I receive is like a dream: I still can’t get over the fact that people want me to paint special pieces for them! I’m extremely honoured and grateful that people trust me to bring their ideas to life for them. Having said that, anything Iceland related is always very dreamy!

Find more of Alice on her beautiful website and Instagram account. 

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