Our media-driven societies leave us constantly comparing ourselves to the flawless images staring back at us from within the glowing screen. 
We find ourselves constantly trying to compete with these posed, perfect-looking lives. We’ve become drawn into capturing every good moment of our lives in a hopeless attempt to portray them in a more perfect way. 
 It’s a vicious cycle. The more we consume, the worse it gets. We let the media define and it certainly shapes the way we see ourselves. 

Body-positivity is something that is sometimes seen as controversial, but it needs talking about. There’s no denying that the media certainly portrays an image of how a body “should” look. We’ve seen it all before. Thin thighs. Washboard abs. Toned everything. 
As lovely as it is to have these kinds of bodies, we need to get out of the mind frame that it’s the only right kind of body. There’s no right or wrong way to have a body. 

What if we focused on the health of our bodies instead? What if we focused more on feeling confident and positive about ourselves? 

It is exhausting to try and keep up with perfection. It’s unachievable and leaves us feeling dejected and depressed with ourselves and our lives. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Instagram isn’t real life. Those toned, slim bodies we see aren’t the majority of us. Being healthy doesn’t mean being skinny. 

I want to challenge you to accept yourself for who you are. Go easy on yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a break from that constant comparison. They say that comparison is the thief of joy. I couldn’t agree more. 

And if you are unhappy with the state of your body, make a plan instead of dwelling in your dissatisfaction. Go for a walk. Do some yoga. Learn that you need to love yourself first. 


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