Lately 03 / Womens’ Day (Art Print)


Lately, I’ve been really busy at school – the third term is really off to quite a hectic start! What has been making it bearable though, is the sprinkling of public holidays that we’ve had over the past two weeks. Last week was the municipal elections and today is Womens’ Day, so it’s a long weekend.

Womens’ Day is such a wonderful day to me. It’s gives us the opportunity to honour and respect all the wonderful, courageous and strong women in our lives that make our country the incredible place that it is and make us who we are. (Yes, I’m a bit of a feminist).

I have been working very hard on digitizing my script work and I have a printable ‘You Are’ mantra to celebrate Womens’ Day. Print it out, stick it somewhere and let it be a constant reminder of your own importance and the important role you play in many people’s lives.

001 (2)

To all the wonderful women out there, Happy Womens’ Day.

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx

Lately 03 / Womens’ Day (Art Print)

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