Watercolour 101


I have a very exciting post for you today. I’ve been planning it for a while, but I’ve just been so caught up with exams and schoolwork. Exams are over now though, and I’m going on holiday next week so expect to see lots over here!

I have been brushscripting for the last year or so and I’ve learnt so much about the techniques and letters. I thought I’d write a bit about the most important things you need to do and master when you’re starting off.


Find your brush

 When I first started, I’d experiment with all my brushes and then find one that really worked well, but I could never remember which one afterwards! I found that the round brushes were the easiest to script with because they hold the watery paint in their tip. If you are using a normal brush (not a waterbrush) make sure it is very wet, so that random hairs don’t stick out. I use the Pentel Aquabrush in the medium size. I found that size 5 round-tipped brushes also work well for scripting.


Up thin, down thick

I so wish I knew this when I first started! Once I mastered the up-down technique, it became a whole load easier. Apply little pressure on up strokes and more pressure on down strokes.

Find an Alphabet

Its important that you have a ‘game-plan’ for each letter. It just makes everything flow better if you start out by scripting letters individually. Although its important to celebrate your own personal handwriting and use it as a base for your scripting, look at other work and see if there are any letters you would like to ‘adopt’. I’ve ‘adopted’ many letters. Its just fun to see how you can change things up!


Practise and practise and practise

 You’ve heard it. Practise makes perfect. (Well, if not perfect, then progress). It’s the only way you can get better. Once you start practising, it gets easier and easier and your scripting will flow better too. There are loads of practise challenges where you script one word every day. They are all over Instagram! Here are some words to try out:

  • Orange
  • Coffee
  • Office
  • Sugar
  • Love (great to start with)
  • Hello (great to start with)
  • Beauty
  • Strong



My main inspiration comes from Instagram and Pinterest. I’ve learnt a lot, especially on Instagram just by watching short little videos of people scripting. It’s an extremely helpful resource!

Some great Instagram accounts to check out are:








If you’d like, you can follow my lettering journey over on my Instagram!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx

Watercolour 101

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