One Year On: What I’ve Learnt


Woah. The last month or so has been an absolute whirlwind. I’ve been recovering from an illness, so that’s partly the reason for my absence around here lately. I do have lots planned though, so stick around!

Today actually happens to be my blog’s first birthday or blogversary or whatever you want to call it. The year has flown past but I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved and I am amazed to see the difference from my first post to my most recent ones. I’ve met some really wonderful people and learnt about small local businesses that are doing some amazing stuff and have wonderful products. I’ve also learnt a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. I’ve decided to put together a post about what I’ve learnt in my one year of blogging. So here it goes.

  • Just ask. As a young, first-time blogger, at first (and even now sometimes), I was shy to ask studios or cafes if I could visit or write about them. But then I thought, Hey, wait a minute. I’m doing THEM a favour. The worst they can say is no. So just ask. If i hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have been able to write about so many places and products that I did. And I had a blast doing it too.
  • Be true to you and be original. At first, I wanted to write a post about just about anything I could. I would make things just so I could blog about it instead of the other way round. I’ve learnt that you have to write a blog that a.) you would want to read b.) stands out from the millions of other blogs that are out there c.) reflects who you truly are and what you are passionate about
  • Don’t take your blog too seriously. As odd as it sounds, its so true. Firstly, if your blog isn’t getting many readers or followers, just relax. It gets better with time. You can’t compare your blog to a big, 20-year old blog that has a whole team of professional crafters and photographers behind it. You just can’t. Period. Also, you shouldn’t be so blog-focused that you never have fun because you are too busy taking pictures or notes.
  • Play around. My logo has changed about three times in the last year. I’ve finally found one I love and I think it’s a keeper. Yes, you’re supposed to be consistent and build your brand, but coming back to my previous points, remember that you should be doing this for you and because you find it fun.  I know that I love writing and photographing for a post. It gives me a little thrill.
  • Photographs make a post. I think that good photographs are so important to any blog. I find it a major turn-off when a blog or site has bad photos. So work with what you’ve got,(you don’t need a fancy camera) and try and make your photos the best that you can.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA. Woah. Social media has gotten me SO much publicity for my blog. We don’t realise how powerful social media is. It’s kind of amazing. So use it. Even if you have one follower, its one more person who knows about your blog.
  • HAVE FUN. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but you should do it for you. Have fun. Just relax. And write stuff that comes from the heart.

Blogging has taught me a lot and I have achieved a lot in the one year I’ve been writing over here. I have BIG plans for this little blog, so stay tuned. I have some pretty cool content coming up and I can’t wait to share it. Lastly, happy birthday to my little blog. I can’t wait to see where this year takes us.

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx


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