Innovation Explanation


Over yesterday and today I’ve been working on possibly on my biggest kitchen fail in my 14 years here on Earth. I made pasta. Now, don’t laugh. I didn’t just boil any old supermarket pasta. I made pasta from scratch. Not that hard? Well, think again.

After using the wrong flour, leaving in to sit for too long and then not rolling it out thick enough, I ended up having to throw half of it away, much to my dismay. Feeling seriously dejected, I used the other half of the dough to make these beautiful little pasta parcels. I boiled them in water for three or four minutes, just like my recipe said and then lay them out on a piece of roller towel. I gently touched one with my spoon and water spurted out and it made a funny sound, sort of like a rubber duck that gets squeezed in the bath. Oh great.

This is really not my day, right? My mother then reminded me of something. She said “Innovaters try new things because they’re not afraid of failing.” I’m an innovater. Well, at least I like to think of myself as one…

It made me think about what I’d read earlier this morning in a book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She wrote about how she approached every situation with something  she calls stubborn gladness. It’s basically about being stubbornly happy in every situation no matter what the outcome. I definitely didn’t want to scare away my creativity and innovative spirit by being grumpy and gloomy about what happened. So I decided to laugh it off and see it as a learning experience. I can tell you one thing, though. This is not the last of my pasta-making days. And certainly not the last of my innovation and creativity. It’s only the beginning!

When I finally nail pasta, I’ll post my recipe for sure!

Keep on creating and exploring…

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx


Innovation Explanation

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