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Hey everyone

I’m sharing my first project update today. My latest project that I’ve decided to share with you is My Adventures Mini-Album that I made. I also submitted it as one of my projects for Dear Lizzy’s Design Team Call. In brief, I used small pieces of scrapbook paper, washi tapes, a binder ring, my stamps set and some photos to make this. The paper served as the pages in the mini album and I punched a hole to slide the binder ring through. I then decorated some pages with stamps and washi and left some pages blank for new adventures. I made this so I can keep track of my favourite dare-devil or adventurous moments on the go. Have fun making your own and be creative! Below you can see some pictures of mine. I’d love to see yours, so send me pictures of your finished products and comment below. Also, to be added to the readers list, e-mail me:

image image image image image

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx

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