DIY Paper Owl Book-Marks

When reading a good book, the best thing to go with it is a cute book-mark. Here’s an easy DIY on a cute owl book-mark:

You Will Need: A pencil, scissors, glue, khoki pens, patterned paper, blank paper, stick-on eyes or any stick-ons you have
Step 1: Fold and glue your blank paper to be the actual bookmark
Step 2: Draw an owl onto the back of a piece of pattered paper and cut it out
Step 3: Draw a tummy for the owl onto the back of another piece of paper. Cut it out and stick it onto the owl
Step 4: Stick on your sticky eyes or stickers and details
Step 5: Stick your owl onto your blank bookmark
Step 6: Write a quote about reading or owls under the owl
Step 7: Find the perfect book and enjoy!
Step 7: Find the perfect book and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Miss Artsy-Crafty xxx

PS: Please add comments if there’s something you are interested in xxx

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  1. I love this! It’s so practical. Do you have any ideas on using recycled items …. things around the house that be recreated?

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