Good Stuff 12. / Apothacafé

Cute candles are popping up all over Instagram but these candles are something a little different, in the sense that you might want to take a bite. Apothacafé, a newly launched brand, has created a line of beautiful, dessert-themed candles that are so realistic they look good enough to eat. I chatted to the founder […]

On all or nothing

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a world that is increasingly “all-or-nothing”. Youtube is full of videos that go something along the lines of “how to change your entire life in two weeks”. It can feel as if there is no room for slow growth, little changes and just figuring things out. As someone […]

Good Stuff 11. / Sakkie Co

I love a cute bag so I was very excited when I came across Sakkie Co. on Instagram. Sheefah is really making all our Pinterest dreams come true – but in a handmade, affordable way. After purchasing my own bag from her, I was pleasantly surprised at how well made the bags are and how […]

Good Stuff 10. / Beaut

The skincare market is pretty saturated, so it takes a pretty special brand to really stand out. And Beaut is one of them. What instantly jumped out to me when I came across Beaut on Instagram was the fact that it is easy to understand exactly what each product does and who it’s intended for. […]

On giving yourself freedom

I’m a stickler for the rules. Always have been, probably always will be. I just like them. I like to have clear boundaries so I know how to avoid overstepping. But for the past little while, I’ve been thinking about whether or not certain self-imposed rules are holding me back. Maybe I’m getting in my […]

Good Stuff 09. / Moat

Robyn Britz, a multimedia designer based in Cape Town, is someone I’ve been following for years now. I’ve always been in awe of the incredible work she produces for the brand she’s co-founded, Zana, as well as her other creative pursuits. Her work has been a constant source of inspiration to me and I adore […]

Lessons learnt in 2020

It goes without saying that 2020 has been a year like no other. Majority of this year has felt like the strange dream you have after watching a post-apocalyptic film before bed. If there’s something I have gained from 2020, it is many lessons that I’ll be carrying forward with me. Sometimes the most trying […]

Good Stuff 08. / Oscille

I’ve been a fan of Pauline Hagan’s work for many years now. Hagan is a designer and maker based in Prague and is the creator behind Benu Made, a jewellery brand. These exquisite pieces are mostly made out of leather and truly serve as wearable art. Pauline’s latest project takes her beautiful work into a bigger […]

Good Stuff 07. / Titch

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I love finding South African brands that create beautiful, high-quality products whilst maintaining ethical and environmentally friendly production processes and business practice. Titch has been on my radar for ages now. So many of their beautiful leather bags are on my “one day […]

On Personal Growth

This year, due to my being home most of the day, I’ve had some extra time to myself. (I don’t think I’ve realised how much time we spend in our daily lives commuting, until this year!) I’ve done a lot of thinking, reflecting and reading. I’ve had a lot of time to really dig deep […]

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